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Mouse Guard: Winter 1152

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David Petersen


Page 45 Review by Stephen

More feudal fur, feather and fighting as winter strikes hard. The snow is as unremitting as it is ubiquitous and food is soon as scarce as medicine. There's no other choice for the bravest of mice, then, but to travel further afield when the land is at its least hospitable, risking attack from giant owls, or worse in the Darkheather catacombs where the bones of the weasels' victims lie piled up towards the roof of the dome.

It's beautifully done all ages fun, though I grew a tad squeamish when that poor snowy owl lost its eye. The drawing is faultless, the textures are rich and the man is a master of colour: the glow of those fires on the fur of the clan-clad mice towards the end... It's also rich in detail from the trouble taken to accentuate the height of the hares, their ears rising through the rafters of the barn, to the counterweighted lift system, and if you have happen to have a beard that freezes up in blizzards, well, pity the poor meeces.
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