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My Cardboard Life (Signed & Sketched In)

My Cardboard Life (Signed & Sketched In) My Cardboard Life (Signed & Sketched In) My Cardboard Life (Signed & Sketched In) My Cardboard Life (Signed & Sketched In)

My Cardboard Life (Signed & Sketched In) back

Philippa Rice


Page 45 Review by Stephen

Paper, scissors, stoned!

Who could fail to fall for a book as riddled with mischief as this? It's a gloriously simple set up which plays with its raw materials with childlike glee, yet a lot of lateral thinking.

Basic ingredients: corrugated cardboard, paper, cloth, wool and the occasional piece of string; chocolate coins, real coins, tin foil and a sticking plaster. Nothing tricksier than that. Pen at the ready; Tippex on standby.

Recipe: take your basic materials, turn them into two-dimensional characters, then photograph the poor things as you put them through the wringer. Also through a hole puncher, and more emotional trauma than you can imagine. Poor Cardboard Colin gets his heart ripped out - quite literally at one point just so Pauline can make sweet music. Clever, clever, clever.

One of my favourite gags began, "Colin, I'm gonna punch your lights out." Can you guess the next panel?

Bonus material includes a family tree (it's where they all came from - ba-dum!), original layout sketches, and three-dimensional tableaux including a miniature comicbook convention alley and comics which will be very familiar to those shopping here!

Review Update: Cardboard Colin went on to star in the all-ages collage comic, ST. COLIN AND THE DRAGON and the fully photographed WE'RE OUT set in Nottingham city centre (Page 45 appears on page 45!), and highly reminiscent of the stop-animation of Oliver Postgate ('Bagpuss' etc).

Meanwhile Philippa Rice herself went on to star in SOPPY and OUR SOPPY LOVE STORY alongside Luke Pearson, the creator of HILDA.