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My Most Secret Desire h/c

My Most Secret Desire h/c back

Julie Doucet


Page 45 Review by Tom

Fantastic expanded hardcover edition of Doucet's second collection of stories to make your nose bleed. Constantly reminded of her genius by the huge, framed and signed strip above the monitor here, which I must have read at least once a day for three years now. Her work never loses its charm, it just gets scarier.

Mainly based on her dreams, the stories contained within come across like LITTLE NEMO's filthy, crass, French-Canadian cousin. After one particular dream involving croissants and naked Skinheads, Julie returns to reality. Only to find her every movement dogged by a variety of kitchen and household items running around, Beauty And The Beast-style, baying for her blood. I can kind of understand their plight as she portrays herself as an utter slob throughout. This raises the ante from 'Lève ta Jambe, Mon Poisson est Mort!', and not just unleashes the id, but lets it play her records and use her toothbrush.