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New York Mon Amour h/c

New York Mon Amour h/c back

Benjamin Legrand, Dominique Grange & Jacques Tardi


Page 45 Review by Jonathan

“No! I'm still waiting for the wire from Zurich...”
“I knew Otto was going to delay things...”
“Jose too, what the fuck is he doing?”
“He was supposed to take the pseudo-revolutionary monkey out a week ago. What's he waiting for to knock him off?”
“He insists we can't use a pro... it would be too complicated...”

Typical Tardi illustrated crime fiction in that things most definitely do not play out smoothly, or indeed remotely how one would expect, with some suitably crazy secondary characters thrown in for good measure. Starring Walter, a cockroach exterminator who overhears a conversation he soon wishes he hadn't, it's a suitably gritty tale, set in a very grimy and run-down 1980’s New York. Walter soon finds himself on the run from a mysterious organisation, with only his colleague Luis, who just happens to be the local gang leader, to help him. Except Luis's motivations in offering to help his colleague are certainly not altruistic as Walter soon founds out. From there on in, it all starts to unravel apace as the shit well and truly reaches the fan travelling at near terminal velocity. Not the first work I would point people to who were looking to try some Tardi crime fiction, that’d be LIKE A SNIPER LINING UP HIS SHOT or WEST COAST BLUES, I think, but certainly one for Tardi fans.