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Noche Roja h/c

Noche Roja h/c

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Simon Oliver & Jason Latour


Page 45 Review by Jonathan

Hot on the veritable barely cooling heels of the previous Vertigo Crime offering THE RAT CATCHER, comes NOCHE ROJA, set in a dusty and dangerous Mexican border town where local women are being murdered and mutilated and their bodies dumped like garbage at the local refuse tip. This work, whose title literally translates as "red night", is a classic 'case within a case' story, as burnt out American P.I. Jack Cohen (is there actually any other kind?!) decides against his better judgement, and common sense surely, to investigate the shady goings on over the border after being telephoned by a local Mexican woman championing rights for workers and women, who tells him she'd seen his advert in a US phone book and decided to call him out of sheer desperation.

That's her story anyway, and there's just one massively huge problem with it... Jack doesn't have an advert in the phone book as he's officially retired from P.I. work after a rather bad experience the last time he ventured to this particular little backwater. Seems someone would like him to return, but who? Someone who thinks he might be the only person who will give a damn enough to try and help, or someone who might just have a score to settle and would just love to set him up for a fall? This is definitely one of the better Vertigo Crime books, but all of them put together aren't really a patch on the magnificent SCALPED which is surely destined to become a classic. If you want modern crime on the Vertigo imprint, with dirty deeds a plenty, just look no further than Jason Aaron's masterpiece.
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