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Northlanders Book 3: The European Saga s/c

Northlanders Book 3: The European Saga s/c Northlanders Book 3: The European Saga s/c Northlanders Book 3: The European Saga s/c

Northlanders Book 3: The European Saga s/c back

Brian Wood & Riccardo Burchelli, Leandro Fernandez, Simon Gane, Vasilis Lolos, Matthew Woodson


Page 45 Review by Jonathan

Third and final substantial repackaging of NORTHLANDERS whose scope far outstretched expectations, being as much about multiple cultural perspectives as much as anything else.

This collects 'The Plague Widow', 'The Siege Of Paris' and 'Metal', about which the latter I wrote...

Young lovers go on the run murdering all and sundry who disagree with their particular worldview under the pretence that they'd just like everyone to leave them alone. That's 'Metal' in a hammer-obliterated priest's nutshell for you. Consequently I wasn't exactly getting the happy-ending vibes as I began.

Young Erik who, looks-wise and possibly in the brains department too, seems to be a mix of Thor and err... Obelisk... isn't feeling too well disposed towards the Christian priests who seem to be doing a remarkably good job of just breezing into village after village deep in the Norse heartlands, taking over with no more than the barely veiled threat of heavy cavalry lurking just over the horizon, should the locals fail to build them a church or two and generally put down the hammers and pick up the crosses. Well, after they've built the churches obviously...

Still, getting Erik's village elders to divert the nearby river so it runs immediately next to the newly built Church - just so the priests can wash themselves without having to be watched by heathens - is probably taking the piss just a touch too much.

So Erik decides to do what any typical rebellious teen would do in the same position: take a shitload of drugs. Except, whilst Erik's high on mushrooms, the Norse version of Mother Nature appears to tell him to turn up his internal satanic death-metal soundtrack to eleven, and remove the Christians from her sacred lands. That he's taken a shine to an albino nun who has clearly been forced to convert against her wishes probably tips the balance, and so he decides to tune up his axe and go on a rampage, liberating Ingrid in the process and throwing in a few head-banging solos along the way with his hammer for good measure.

In some ways this was the most overtly violent NORTHLANDERS story that Bryan wrote, which is saying something in and of itself, but as ever it also delivered on the emotional content. For above all, that's what this series has always had at its cold and frosty core in aplenty: fiery passion manifesting itself in deep loves and equally deep hatreds.

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