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Notes From A Defeatist

Notes From A Defeatist back

Joe Sacco


Page 45 Review by Mark

It's "earlier, funnier stuff" time again, and this time the spotlight is on the genius that is Joe Sacco. The warping perspectives and odd angles are in place, as are the drifting panels but through this collection of stories you get to see an artist flexing his (inky) muscles and fitting form to story. On the road with an unnamed rock band, crossing Europe, the layouts jump around from page to page. The title snakes around the panel top until we realise that it's heading straight into a word balloon. Other pronouncements are given in different styles as a parade of hangers-on and starfuckers congregate backstage and on the tour bus. As the times get wilder and more out of control so does the art.

Even this early Sacco is practising the mix of autobio and journalism that keeps far from gonzo. It reports the facts but keeps his own state tied in there. Don't worry, there are tales of war here as well. World War II appears via his mother's memories of Italian & German raids on Malta. The title story is Sacco's addiction to the Gulf War reports. From the time of George Bush the first to today. Chilling.
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