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Rebecca Morgan, Sara Corbett, Tobias Schalken, Eleanor Davis, Dash Shaw, Gabrielle Bell, J.C. Menu, Noah Van Sciver, Tommi Parrish, Kaela Graham, Daria Tessler, Conxita Hererro, Malachi Ward, Matt Shean, Antoine Cosse, Sammy Harkham, Nick Thorburn


Page 45 Review by Jonathan

"Hi! You must be Noah! The famous cartoonist! Jonah talks about you all the time!"
"Jonah says you're a real biblio-phobe! I am, too! I'm always reading!"

Haha, I'm sure Jonah Van Sciver cannot possibly be the completely sex-crazed younger brother Noah FANTE BUKOWSKI TWO makes him out to be in this delightfully excruciating thirteen-page farce entitled 'Wall Of Shame'. Noah's making a trip home to Denver for an exhibition including his work at the Denver Art Museum and is catching up with his family at the same time, including crashing on his mum's couch. Suffice to say he's not been chez mom too long before he gets a flash of inspiration for a comic which he promptly jots down in his journal...

"Story idea: Held captive by family member(s)."

This is probably my favourite of the fourteen strips contained within this bumper 128-page first issue of the new Fantagraphics anthology, curated by Eric Reynolds who has now spent well over twenty years at the publishing house since he joined them fresh out of college. They range in length between cheeky one-pagers - of which there are four, the pick of those probably being "I, Marlon" by Sammy CRICKETS Harkham about Marlon Brando's <ahem> introspective time on Tahiti, though actually, I did love Gabrielle TRUTH IS FRAGMENTARY Bell's "Dear Naked Guy..." - up to Eleanor YOU & A BIKE & A ROAD Davis's 26-page end-of-the-world reflection on a very odd and perhaps unhealthy proto-romantic relationship entitled "Hurt Or Fuck?"

The vast majority, though, very sensibly range between 4 to 12 pages and cover all manner of shenanigans in a profusion of art styles. There was only one that didn't quite find the mark for me, which out of fourteen strips is a damn splendid hit rate, and I won't name it because I suspect it's probably entirely down my own personal artistic tastes, and surely the point of such a diverse an anthology as this is to broaden readers horizons a bit.

My other absolute pick of the bunch, which much like Noah's cringefest I could have quite happily read ten times as much of, was Malachi Ward and Matt Sheean's alternative history of the space race entitled "Widening Horizons." Which as I type I realise means I really ought to go back and change the last sentence of the previous paragraph... Fans of their ANCESTOR speculative fiction runaway insanity jive will already be aware of just how far out there these two can take something.

It's a very clever piece, actually, combining genuine historical facts and figures liberally sprinkled with fictional content as we gradually deviate further and further from our own timeline. It actually begins in the very first panel, with something casually dropped in regarding H.G. Wells that I was pretty sure was wrong and I was rather puzzled by, before I realised what was going on!

A resoundingly strong start for this exciting new anthology and hopefully the quality of content will be maintained. Flicking ahead to the solicitation for NOW #2 and seeing some of the creators involved like personal favourites Dash COSPLAYERS Shaw, Tommi THE BOOK OF HOPE Musturi and Joshua SKYSCRAPERS OF THE MIDWEST Cotter, plus a pretty bonkers cover, I'm extremely confident that will be the case.