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One Year Wiser: An Illustrated Guide To Mindfulness

One Year Wiser: An Illustrated Guide To Mindfulness One Year Wiser: An Illustrated Guide To Mindfulness One Year Wiser: An Illustrated Guide To Mindfulness

One Year Wiser: An Illustrated Guide To Mindfulness back

Mike Medaglia


Page 45 Review by Jonathan

"Love is everything.
"It really is.
"Such an abstract concept. Super hard to define in words. But the fact of its existence is undeniable.
"Love is safety.
"Love is purpose.
"Love is learning who we are as individuals through the way we love others.
"Love is our greatest antidote to hate."

Very true. From a Buddhist perspective love really is absolutely everything. Even hate, which at its root is, in fact, merely a twisted, malformed version of love. You find many such pearls of wisdom in this latest treatise from Mike 'Now Several Years Wiser thanks to ONE YEAR WISER 365 ILLUSTRATED MEDITATIONS / ONE YEAR WISER A GRATITUDE JOURNAL / ONE YEAR WISER 2018 ART CALENDAR Medaglia. Not the least of which is that the simple practise of mindfulness will get you on that path to acquiring your own moments, days, months and indeed years of wisdom.

All of which will be very hard won, but very worthwhile. The rewards, though, of seeing one's own true nature and being able to achieve a degree of tranquillity and equanimity are truly joyful and self-nourishing. For whilst the practice may indeed be simple, it is the continuing work of a lifetime. But start with a mere moment or two and you'll soon be very glad you began your own personal empowering promenade, believe me.

Here, over a series of four sections titled as the seasons of the year, Mike talks us through twenty-four varied topics such as the all important Mindfulness, and Meditation, but also diverse jewels like Smiling, Anxiety, The Ego and Impermanence. I note, purely for my own amusement, that the first time Mike sprang fully formed to our attention, was with his superlative SEASONS, featuring four vignettes ruminating not only meteorologically, but metaphorically on the passing of time. I didn't know at the time he was a fellow Zen practitioner, but it didn't come as any surprise when I found out.

All the twenty-four chapters in this work are powerfully affecting, in subtly different ways, both in their words and accompanying artwork. I should probably add at this point, that this is a work which can neither be pigeonholed under the description illustrated prose or comics. For it is emphatically a wonderful synthesis hybrid of both! I also totally approve of Mike's use of his own talking head as occasional narrator, often with a personal salient observation on his own practice, or indeed simply himself! It helps remind the reader that this is indeed not just an academic text, but a very practical handbook.

And it's not just a primer for beginners, either. There's a conceit within Zen that is often referred as the layers of the onion. You can think you have attained all the wisdom you might possibly do so about a certain point or topic, but then something in your currently held paradigm will shift and you realise that there is indeed yet another layer to said vegetable and deeper understanding to be found. Thus reading works such as this can be just as enlightening to long term practitioners as novitiates approaching the subject for the very first time with trepidation.

For a subject as ineffable and as ungraspable as mindfulness Mike's is an ideal approach for revealing and refreshing the knowledge of the universal truths we manage to so successfully obscure from ourselves on a daily basis. We do already know deep down that love is everything, and many other such powerful, profound truths that could aid us in any moment were we to able to keep them to mind. We just need to sit still long enough for our minds to calm down and our natural innate wisdom and knowledge to (re-)appear and replenish our daily selves.

So a big thank you Mike for this wonderful gift to us all... even if we're then going to make all you good folks pay for it! I highly recommend buying one for yourself and then multiple copies for everyone else you know. Remember, love is everything, and nothing says it like a lovely gift.*

* This is not strictly true, but go on, why not treat them, and yourself?

PSSSST. If you want to treat yourself to two bonus topics / chapters, or perhaps merely dip your toe into Mike's World Of Mindfulness to get you started, I can heartily recommend his recent two self-published minis POVERTY OF THE HEART and RUSHING FROM A TO A.