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Operation Margarine

Operation Margarine back

Katie Skelly


Page 45 Review by Stephen

When you wake up in the garbage, you know you've been dumped.

Meet Marge and Bon-Bon: one is Missing; the other is Wanted.

To be precise, Margarine Litres has just fled the funny farm and made the front page of the Tribune. Mommy is not best pleased. We don't know what Bon-Bon is running from apart from yet another fruitless affair with a married man.

But now they have motorbikes and black leather jackets and guns and each other. Also: bounty-hunter Billy and The Faces Of Death on their tails, and the thing about the desert is "there's nowhere to hide".

From the creator of NURSE NURSE, this is a whimsical little road trip with danger lurking at every pit stop. I can't promise much substance, just style.
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