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Over The Garden Wall vol 1

Over The Garden Wall vol 1 Over The Garden Wall vol 1

Over The Garden Wall vol 1 back

Pat McHale & Jim Campbell


Page 45 Review by Jonathan

"Would anyone like a slice of chocolate cake?"
"Can't digest it."
"Hey, that's not chocolate cake. That's just air. Air isn't real."
"Oh, we're making believe!"
"Yes, it's fun playing tea party instead of doing chores all day."
"Shh... I noticed too, detective! First the salt went missing, and now the chocolate cake is gone! Something is very wrong... There must be a food magician among us, making everything invisible!"

Ahhh... how sweet. Not invisible chocolate cake, obviously. For whilst the calorie count might hit the spot, I can't imagine it would be a tasty treat at all. Unless it really had just been made invisible by a food magician, I suppose. However, if I could do that, I'd be busy putting invisible cream cakes on peoples' chairs rather than their plates heh heh...

No, what is sweet, is that this is new material! I had mistakenly thought it was merely an adaptation of the exquisitely dark and dreamy cartoon, of which practically everyone who has ever seen it is forlornly pining for a second season. I suspect, like everyone else, that is not going to happen, which I reluctantly respect, so it is therefore wonderful that we have some excellent additional material.

Regular review readers will know my thoughts on media tie-ins: it only ever goes one of two ways, that being brilliant or dreadful. This is exactly like a lovely big yummy slice of chocolate cake as half-brothers Greg and Wirt stumble into mildly hazardous surreal situation after situation in the vast wood known only as errr... the Unknown. With only sarcastic bluebird Beatrice and the old woodsman to help them, will they ever make it home? Or indeed find any cake?!

The main reason this is such great material is undoubtedly because it's penned by the show creator Pat McHale and illustrated by the show storyboard artist Jim Campbell. The fact that they are continuing to collaborate on this property still gives me the faintest shred of hope for a second season. Meanwhile, we have this, plus also a forthcoming ongoing series starring Anna the woodsman's daughter and of course, Greg. I wonder if he'd like some Baileys in a shoe to wash that chocolate cake down with? Ooops, wrong Greg!
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