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Page 45 Card designed by Philippa Rice

Page 45 Card designed by Philippa Rice back


Page 45 Review by Stephen

The cover is even a comic!

Page 45 is squealing with glee in presenting its first two exclusive cards commissioned to come FREE with our printed Page 45 Gift Vouchers – envelope included, obviously.

Philippa Rice and Mz. Lizz Lunney have done us right proud.

“WE’RE OUT!” the three shout as they scamper excitedly down to their local comic shop *, ransack our shelves and cart away comics with glee! Did they pay? I hope they paid! Maybe this is an advert for daylight robbery. Oh, yes it is: it’s an advert for Page 45!

Once back home they pore over their graphic novels with wonder and awe, utterly engrossed in their findings. How could you represent our shared love of comics any better than this?!

So in case you want to share your love of comics with others, and you’re not after our gift vouchers right now, we’ve made these two cards available to buy separately at a pretty decent price with plenty of blank room to make mockery of us within or wish someone a very happy birthday.

* Move house if necessary!

N.B. If you’re ordering printed gift vouchers online feel free to add a little note with the order as to which card you’d prefer – you don’t have to buy this as well!

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