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Paul Joins The Scouts

Paul Joins The Scouts back

Michel Rabagliati


Page 45 Review by Jonathan

Very much in the same laidback vein as PAUL HAS A SUMMER JOB, this might be my favourite Paul story yet, regaling us as it does with his happy days spent cub scouting at his first summer camp, plus the odd evening repeatedly almost managing to kiss his first crush. He does eventually get a bit of lip-wrestling action as well learning how to deal with a canoe capsizing, but what comes across most strongly is his pure sense of joy at just being a kid, when life was so much simpler with far, far less to think about.

We also get to see his nascent interest in comicbook artistry come into being, with some vignettes that are truly fascinating and amusing in equal measure as he struggles to impress his family with his early efforts. All this childhood wonder is set against the background of some rather unpleasant events occurring in Quebec at the time, courtesy of the FLQ, intent on ‘liberating’ Quebec from Canadian clutches. In addition there is a rather shocking ending, when Paul has a nasty accident breaking his leg at the last cub meeting, right before his impending second summer camp, meaning he misses out and is instead laid up in Montreal. Understandably he’s more than a little down in the dumps about it. The breaking of the leg isn’t what is shocking though, in fact that turns out to be a truly huge blessing in disguise...
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