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Pearl #1 (of 6)
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Pearl #1 (of 6) back

Brian Michael Bendis & Michael Gaydos


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"I came to work. I thought... I thought that is what you'd want me to do."
"Mr. Mike didn't know about this talent of yours. I sure as shit didn't."
"Oh no. No. It just happened."
""It just happened." You may have started a war of the Yakuza bigger than the Yama-Ichi feud."

Well, that's what happens when you shoot dead several gun-toting assassins, including one riding a motorcycle firing an Uzi, with the apparent ease of... errr... a highly skilled assassin...

Except Pearl is in fact a tattoo artist, albeit a very, very good one. So good, that local gang boss Mr. Mike wouldn't dream of going to anyone else. Now, though, Mr. Mike sees a new career path opening up for his shining Pearl. Indeed, he's about to make her the traditional offer she can't refuse. Start to put her hidden talents involving a very steady hand to good use, or... well... Mr. Mike is pretty convinced she's not going to refuse. Me either, frankly.

Excellent opener, of apparently six, from a certain well known continuity-hopping writer of superheroes. Who had a pretty reasonable prior track record writing crime too! Plus of course, combining the two a la JESSICA JONES and DAREDEVIL. Along with artistic cohort Michael Gaydos, his fellow co-creator of JESSICA JONES, Bendis is back breaking the law. Well, his characters at least. I'm sure Brian himself is as honest as the day is long; it's just his imagination that's more than a bit dodgy, which is fantastic for us.

Beyond informing you that there's the usual snappy dialogue we've come to expect from Bendis - he does love a good colloquy our Brian - and typically intriguing cast members, plus sublime fine-lined, deeply, dramatically washed effect coloured art from Gaydos - including a superb Yakuza full body tattoo on Mr. Mike - there's not a great deal more I can tell you.

Well, aside from the fact that Pearl seems to derive her nomenclature from her alabaster white skin. There's that. Oh, and she also has a solitary tattoo herself, of an insanely detailed spider that looks like it's about a million megapixel definition, by the Michelangelo of body ink himself, the mysterious Iriguci. Why do I have a sneaking suspicion we may return to that particular arachnid...?