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Pizza Witch - Deluxe Edition h/c

Pizza Witch - Deluxe Edition h/c

Pizza Witch - Deluxe Edition h/c back

Sarah Graley


Page 45 Review by Jonathan

It would be fair to say that Sarah Graley's comics star is ascending. Well, if you think being involved with something called Lil' Poopy Superstar a noteworthy rung on the comics ladder to stardom, that is...! Given it is RICK AND MORTY'S: LIL' POOPY SUPERSTAR and Sarah wrote and drew it, I certainly do!

That's a pretty big licence to be allowed one's own largesse with. I should also add that back-up comic art in that particular tome was provided by a certain Marc ELLERBISMS Ellerby. Plus she's got KIM REAPER #1 arriving very shortly too, following the mis-adventures of the "part-time Grim Reaper; full-time cutie" which sounds and looks very fun. Maybe the cute-but-dead genre has some after-life in it yet...

Sarah's evidently daft sense of humour and energetic, engaging art that tips its metaphorical hat to the likes of LUMBERJANES, OVER THE GARDEN WALL and SCOTT PILGRIM is proving a winning combination, it seems. And we've sold myriad copies of her autobiographical OUR SUPER ADVENTURE to locations as far flung as Australia! So who, or what, is Pizza Witch... and what, or who, is she after...? I shall let the supernatural lady speak for herself...

"I parked the broom, what's up?"
"Do you believe in love at first sight, George?"
"I just delivered a pizza to the dreamiest babe who ever babe'd!!"
"More babe than me?
"Shut up George!!"
"When she comes back with the money, I'm gonna ask her on a date!!"
""Hm" What?"
"Just... Let your pizza do the talking? Everyone who eats it pretty much falls in love with you anyway. Also, people don't want to be asked on dates when they order pizza... They just want pizza..."

George is her cat.

Except... the dreamiest babe ever is lactose-intolerant and hasn't even tried Roxy the Pizza Witch's perfect pizza laden with her trademark (and very literal) pizza magic but also loads of digestive dairy disaster!! Eheh indeed. Cue one cheesy cheese-free rom-com as Roxy is determined to do whatever bizarre questing activities it takes to get a slice of the action with the girl of her dreams...

Originally a webcomic, then very kindly offered by Sarah as a limited print run thank-you as part of Sarah's Kickstarter for OUR SUPER ADVENTURE, the pineapple-sweet, 24-page main tale is reprinted in a far swankier (and neatly re-lettered) format here. The rest of this lovely gold-embossed, shiny hardcover is then bulked up and out with extra toppings of a bonus short story and various concept and process pages. Sarah has also very kindly signed and sketched a small pizza slice in each our copies! Go on, dig in!
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