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Prince Of The Female Otaku Club s/c

Prince Of The Female Otaku Club s/c back


Date Released: Expected 05-Feb-20


Preview by Publisher Blurb

A Harem Fit for Royalty! Hajime can't wait to start his new life as a second-year student at his new school! No longer will he have to play boring sports as a benchwarmer as he'll finally be able to join a club that covers his true passion, reading manga all day. To his surprise, when he shows up to the club room, he's surrounded by cute nerdy girls who inform him he's the first male student at their all-female school! Made up of a mish-mash of different fandoms, the Technology Club is the go to for nerds of all shapes and curves, but Yamada's only ever talked to girls in games! Whether it be the dark skinned kogal gamer, the glasses wearing fujoshi, the tomboy cosplayer, or the anime loving club president, Hajime has hit the jackpot... but they all want a piece of him. How is he going to juggle all his club activities!? Prince of the Female Otaku Club by MGMEE is the dream of every nerdy otaku, all packed into one complete story! Featuring girls of all different personalities and body types, MGMEE's harem of geeky girls will pluck at the heartstrings of readers with their elegant smiles, graceful bodies and dignified charm.
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