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Prometheus: Life And Death s/c

Prometheus: Life And Death s/c Prometheus: Life And Death s/c Prometheus: Life And Death s/c

Prometheus: Life And Death s/c back

Dan Abnett & Andrea Mutti


Page 45 Review by Jonathan

"...They're back. They've God damn well come back."
"Please, God, tell me you're joking.
"Sorry, kid. That's the way it is. I'm looking at one through my scope right now. A God damn Engineer."
"I can't... I just... not after everything. I can't face them again too. We're screwed."

No, not Ridley Scott gee-ing himself up for the forthcoming Prometheus film sequel (entitled Alien Covenant, which as it happens, looks more than half decent from the trailer), but one of the surviving grunts left behind on Tartarus (LV-797) after the cataclysmic and rather bloody events of PROMETHEUS: FIRE AND STONE.

Well, the whole FIRE AND STONE storyline was spectacularly brutal actually, running through the ALIENS: FIRE AND STONE, PROMETHEUS: FIRE AND STONE, ALIEN VS PREDATOR: FIRE AND STONE and PREDATOR: FIRE AND STONE trades in that order. Oh, and then the subsequent finale PREDATOR: FIRE AND STONE - OMEGA one-shot which didn't get collected anywhere except in the massive omnibus hardback that came out later... Righhhht, nice one Dark Horse. Actually, more of a inconsequential coda than a true finale, but still...

PREDATOR: LIFE AND DEATH actually forms the first part of this new storyline, rather than the last this time around. Events in that, and this volume, basically take place one year on from their respective FIRE AND STONE parts, and, in case you were wondering, which I'm sure you weren't, forty-three years after the Aliens film. (I'm resisting as hard as I can to control my inner Bill Paxton, even after all these years, but it's tricky!!)

What's also different about this second comics' merry-go-round is that Dan GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY / WILD'S END Abnett is writing all four parts of it, along with any surprise after-thoughts presumably. This almost certainly explains why this arc feels even tighter and more relentlessly paced. The action does not stop.

If you're remotely a fan of Aliens, Predators, Aliens fighting Predators and indeed even Engineers wiping the floor with everyone, with lots of soft, squelchy humans getting mashed in the middle, you will love this. The art is from a different artist for each tie-in, and here Andrea REBELS VOL 1 Mutti brings his trademark ultra-fine pencil lines to bear on the inevitable mayhem that ensues from the moment another group of grunts lands on Tartarus. Do these people never learn?!