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Rambo 3.5

Rambo 3.5 back

Jim Rugg


Page 45 Review by Jonathan

“Get me Rambo.”

As the events of September 11 unfold and George W. Bush is rushed back to Washington on Air Force One, he decides to take a little power nap. What follows is part dream sequence, part wish fulfilment and totally farcical as the Commander-in-Chief recruits and preps and just generally shoots the breeze with one John J. Rambo for ‘a big steamy plate of something he likes to call payback.’

Hilarious and wrong in just so, so many ways, this mini from Jim AFRODISIAC Rugg will have you simultaneously wincing and chortling, and as ever wondering just how cruelly accurate the endless parodies of George Jr. were and still are. And, just when you think it can’t possibly get any more ridiculous, up pops Sylvester Stallone for a cameo performance at the White House to round things off perfectly. If Tom Neely’s cringe-tastic HENRY & GLENN FOREVER tickled your funny bone this will probably splinter it in two!