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Revival vol 2: Live Like You Mean It

Revival vol 2: Live Like You Mean It back

Tim Seeley & Mike Norton


Page 45 Review by Stephen

Previously on REVIVAL VOL 1:

Wausau, Wisconsin, and the dead are coming back to life.

They’re not zombies, they’re fully sentient individuals with a new lease of life, and most are as chipper as ever. Others are distraught for reasons which will become painfully clear. As to the families… some will know new grief in the wake of these resurrections.

Amongst those returned from the dead is Officer Dana Cypress’ younger, resentful sister Martha. Dana’s son, meanwhile, has come into contact with a wraith-like creature which may be trying to say something. Dana’s father, the sheriff, has friends with dubious prior allegiances and agendas of his own, and her ex-husband’s girlfriend may not be the best babysitter in town. Add in a wider cast full of extra-marital affairs, religious fervour, and plans for internment camps, and you have fertile grounds for heightened anxieties, distrust and outright personal grudges.

The entire area has been quarantined, but resources are stretched and such a large rural perimeter so easily springs leaks. It’s not just the news crews and evangelists sneaking it, it’s what’s being smuggled out.

Think about it: the so-called-medicinal black market for body parts of those risen from the dead would outstrip even that for tiger cock. And with revivalists slowly regrowing their organs after each gory harvest, well, think about that, too…

No matter what you imagine, Tim Seeley has concocted more, creating some truly grotesque characters both on stage and off. Anyone who’s watched The Jeremy Kyle Show will know that some relationships are truly fucked up, and I find absolutely none of this implausible – I’d just never have been quick enough to come up with it myself.

Mike Norton’s art is glossy, his storytelling crystal clear, and I’ve just remembered where I first heard his name fifteen years ago: THE WAITING PLACE of which we have one full set of graphic novels left – at the time of typing!
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