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Rick And Morty (UK Edition) vol 1

Rick And Morty (UK Edition) vol 1 back

Zac Gorman & C.J. Cannon with Marc Ellerby


Page 45 Review by Jonathan

"It's okay, Morty. Just stick with me and do exactly what I say, alright? Technically I'm not allowed in this building."
"I thought you said this was on the up and up, Rick. You know I don't like to break rules!"
"Yeah, and that's a real... real... URRRP!... charming quality. I bet the girls love that one, don't they, Morty?"

I'm just trying to think how best to describe Rick and Morty for those not familiar with the cartoon. Rick Sanchez is a mad scientist who likes a drink. Well, actually thinking about it, I'm not sure I've ever seen him sober! Or indeed, not covered in vomit... He's a man who uses belching as means of dramatic emphasis and he's practically turned life hacking into an artform, though in a Salvador Dali surrealist sense of art perhaps.

For example his use of a future-predicting device to play the intergalactic stock exchange to make him and his sidekick grandson - the infinitely more conventional and straight-laced Morty - richer than their wildest dreams seems, as Rick explains to an uncertain Morty, the simplest thing in the Universe. Unfortunately all of Rick's madcap schemes have a tendency to spin out of control faster than a whirling dervish riding a waltza, and so it's really no surprise when the time police show up pre-emptively, obviously, to try and warn them off.

Rick's incessant goading and bullying of Morty ensures the two of the them press ahead with their fiscal thievery, however, and for a while their life of crime reaps rich pickings, but eventually the long hand of the time police catches up with them and a life sentence in the Clackspire Labyrinth awaits. Fortunately Rick, knowing he would eventually get locked up for something heinous eventually has, or more precisely had, a plan...

"You think I'd a build a crazy space dungeon and n... URRP!... not assume I'd get imprisoned in it one day? I'm familiar with dramatic irony, Morty."

Indeed he is, he's practically the poster boy for it. It's a familiar refrain of mine but you never know whether these adaptations are going to be as good as the show, or indeed any good at all. Some succeed like ADVENTURE TIME, others fall woefully short: STEVEN UNIVERSE. Happily, this comes as close to its television show as I think it's possible to get in terms of art style and tone, possibly the truest adaptation of a show I've seen, actually. Lovely clean lines, ultra-vibrant colour palette and the requisite complete and utter nonsensical mayhem. Rick puts Morty through the wringer repeatedly as usual, but for some insane reason Morty keeps on coming back for more. Morty's mum, sister and step-dad are all here as well, bemoaning their perpetually pissed-up patriarch as their lives inevitably lurch from calm to catastrophic and back again on a daily basis. Great fun. For us anyway, not so much for them!

This first volume collects issues 1-5 plus bonus shorts featuring the delectable Marc ELLERBISMS Ellerby on art!
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