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Satoko And Nada vol 1

Satoko And Nada vol 1 Satoko And Nada vol 1 Satoko And Nada vol 1

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Yupechika, Marie Nishimori


Page 45 Review by Jodie Paterson

"I've... decided I wanna try new things. I'm in America now, after all. I shouldn't just be with Muslims all the time. I've got to try opening a new door..."

Moving from a bustling family unit in Saudi Arabia to study in America, Nata has come to the realisation that solo living isn't quite for her. So, she does what any typical college student does and puts up an ad for a roommate. And in walks Satoko, a timid girl with disheveled hair, fresh off the plane from Japan. A budding friendship immediately starts to blossom, as Satoko is swept away by Nada's charm and cheerful disposition, while Nada takes Satoko under her wing, nurturing her curiosity with sisterly compassion.

With each page dedicated to a different theme, the book is split into many small, easily digestible slices of life, tackling many disparate aspects of both cultures including religion, clothing, romance, birthdays and food; always done with such benevolent affection and good humour. Satoko and Nada are a very believable pairing, as they have such warmth and kindness towards each other, embracing each other's customs with honest curiosity and a healthy dose of good humour.

Yupechika's soft line work beautifully reflects the gentle nature of the story and the delicate tenderness with which the girls treat each other. Refreshing and feminine, this charming book is like a comfortable hug from a friend, and you'll find yourself wishing that you were able to hang out with Satoko and Nada; sharing stories and experiences, and most importantly, your favourite recipes.