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Scott Pilgrim vol 6 h/c Colour Edition

Scott Pilgrim vol 6 h/c Colour Edition

Scott Pilgrim vol 6 h/c Colour Edition back

Bryan Lee O'Malley


Page 45 Review by Stephen

From the creator of SECONDS, one of my two best books of last year, comes the final colour edition of ingenious comedy with a Ninetendo logic all of its own and a seemingly inexhaustible, playful inventiveness.

Flashbacks can come in the form of (highly unreliable!) Memory Cam stills and I think he invented the lobbed-in labels, the character summary or status boxes which so many other writers have emulated since:

"Julie P (the original and best)"
"Sandra (not the original)"
"Monique (not the best)"

Previously in SCOTT PILGRIM:

Scott is a clot, he really is. He's a total dumpling. In terms of a Chinese take-away, dim doesn't even begin to sum the lad up

But Scott's at least earned the Power Of Love and levelled up. It comes with a flaming sword: +5 for slashiness.

You see, Scott is in love with Ramona and he's defeated six of her seven evil exes in combat - thereby turning them into a shower of shiny gold coins - with only Gideon to go. But for the moment Ramona's gone missing and it's left him in a zombie fugue state, dribbling away on a handheld video game.

Now it's time for Scott's own exes to sort the silly boy out in time for him, Gideon Graves, Envy Adams and Romona Flowers to have a final showdown with gay ex-flatmate Wallace boozed up and rolling his eyes sardonically on the sidelines. There may be casualties. Wallace's tongue is very sharp.

As for the audience, where would they be without their mobile phones?

"Is that chick a dude?"
"I'm googling her as we speak."


"Is that chick dead?"
"I'm updating her Wikipedia page as we speak."

Will Scott win through?

He's almost learned how to tie his own shoelaces.

These colour editions - and oh my days, the colouring is gorgeous; I can no longer imagine the final few pages without it - come with loads of extras in the back. In this instance there's a step by step process piece with Fairbairn (who also coloured Bryan Lee O'Malley's tasty SECONDS) taking you through the colouring of a page from flatting through flat colours, lighting and modelling and colour holds to the finish line. If you don't know what any of those terms mean, you will by the time Nathan's done. It's fascinating.

Other extras include O'Malley sketch pages of character fashion designs - actually quite crucial to the series' success and certainly one of its great pleasures - and posters, other previous versions of covers including the SCOTT PILGRIM BOXED SET interior poster and exterior art, and things that were there but now ditched.