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Screwed Up

Screwed Up Screwed Up Screwed Up

Screwed Up back

Konstantin Steshenko


Page 45 Review by Stephen

Too, too funny!

It is a terrible truth that some marriage proposals swim more smoothly than others.

Some suitors are imaginative, some are so witty; others are eloquent and indeed dextrous, performing this most sacred but fun rite or ritual with elan! I hear to this day of several taking the more traditional root of proposing to their parents-in-law first, which strikes me as both funny and very romantic.

However it comes, however it goes and however the proposal is received, I wish each and every one of you the best in its success and your future happiness!

This proposal, I'm afraid, is a proverbial car crash that takes place far too close to a train track.

Darkness ensues.

It many ways I'd compare it to Jason Shiga's DEMON (cue instant increase in sales!) for its optimism, its pessimism, its staged performance, its utter outrage and one other element that I cannot reveal. Also in this: we really shouldn't laugh, but I did.

Truly, I must be a monster.

And I am going to leave it there.