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Seconds Helpings: A Drawing Assistant's Memoir Comic

Seconds Helpings: A Drawing Assistant's Memoir Comic

Seconds Helpings: A Drawing Assistant's Memoir Comic back

Jason Fischer


Page 45 Review by Stephen

2014 saw the release of one of my three favourite graphic novels of that year, the self-contained SECONDS by SCOTT PILGRIM's Bryan Lee O'Malley.

Slick, sophisticated and boasting another giant leap in O'Malley's visual craft, you would never have guessed for five seconds that meeting its deadline involved such an increasingly breakneck race against ever-dwindling time.

This is Jason Fischer's account of his time working alongside Bryan, living alongside Bryan and inking the graphic novel's backgrounds as the days tick-tock by far faster than the pages were completed! If you look very closely below the beads of sweat on the cover you can just about make out the prize in Jason's delirious eyes.

It's a cautionary tale which almost any student can relate to about not leaving your entire dissertation until the last minute. You know, like we all did.

Here comes the maths:

In July 2013 Jason and Bryan had 6 months in which to ink 322 pages. That's roughly 54 pages per month; 12 pages per week; under 2 pages a day.

During those relatively leisurely first five months Bryan would ink his characters and send Jason roughly 8 of those pages each week to work on the backgrounds. But then came the crunch: with just five weeks to go they still had 200 pages to ink. That's now 6 pages a day.

So Bryan asked Jason to move in to his house in Los Angeles. And indeed that process proved relatively leisurely, though not without accidents, until crunch number two: with eight days to go they still had 70 pages left to ink. That's now 9 pages a day!

So those are facts; I leave Jason to show you what actually went on and reveal their working conditions in Bryan's home studio as Fischer's mind starts to frazzle alongside his art here. Like I said, though, you'd never have known from SECONDS itself.

Honesty dictates I confess that this is a slim little booklet for £4-50, but I somehow doubt we'll have trouble selling it. Especially when it's unlikely that there will be second helpings.
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