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Secret vol 1: Never Get Caught s/c

Secret vol 1: Never Get Caught s/c Secret vol 1: Never Get Caught s/c

Secret vol 1: Never Get Caught s/c back

Jonathan Hickman & Ryan Bodenheim


Page 45 Review by Stephen

Brutal, industrial, back-door espionage that begins with a break-in and thence an extraction.

This leads to extortion resulting in an altogether different extraction to facilitate further intrusion.

Extortion, extraction, it's just a distraction: that's one way to drum up trade.

This is a thriller with teeth.

Unfortunately some of those teeth have cavities: aching gaps in the plot and the way it's played out. Given how ridiculously slick and clever the first chapter is because of how sly the protagonists all are, it's bewildering how stupid a couple of decisions are later on.

I read it through twice just to make sure and because it is a gripping read coloured with expressionistic flair by Michael Garland. The reds tinged with rusted iron tend to indicate blood-letting, actual or imminent, for example, and throughout the complementary pairing of burned gold with browns or bright gold with blues is beautiful to behold. In addition Ryan Bodenheim delivers one hell of a Geoff Darrow moment which will have you ducking for cover.