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Shade, The Changing Man vol 1: The American Scream

Shade, The Changing Man vol 1: The American Scream back

Peter Milligan & Chris Bachalo


Page 45 Review by Mark

Shaky but engaging start to what turned out to be one of Vertigo's best-loved cult hits.

Kathy lost her parents and her fiancé on the same day, a day which, naturally, has put her head-first into the bottle and on the fringes of society and her own sanity. As her parents' murderer is led to the electric chair something is leaking through from another world, something with a coat of madness and a strange power. She finds herself driving through America with the reanimated body of the killer which houses the spirit of Shade, the Changing Man.

Shade is here to stem the rise of insanity in our world and.. oh, god, it all sounds so hokey. None of this matters later, I swear. As the series went on it turned into something magical. Milligan seemed to be wringing scripts out of long dreams based on friendship and sex and Bachalo (who always needs someone like Milligan to tether his skill to) became one of the finest artists to grace the four-colour page, his work rife with pattern and design.
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