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Something At The Window Is Scratching h/c

Something At The Window Is Scratching h/c Something At The Window Is Scratching h/c

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Roman Dirge


Page 45 Review by Stephen

Richly coloured version of a 15-year-old tweeny-goth black and white classic from what was then a hugely popular sub-genre which Page 45 christened "Cute But Dead".

It will come as no surprise to anyone that LENORE Roman Dirge is an enormous Tim Burton fan and, just like Burton's THE MELANCHOLY DEATH OF OYSTER BOY, this a collection of illustrated nonsense rhymes in the vein of Edward Gorey's earlier AMPHIGOREY antics which I adore.

On each left-hand page you're given a brief burst of verse; on the facing page, a cuddly moment of mock-macabre art which is undeniably lovely.

You can call it "inspired" by Burton if you like... or you can be a little less charitable because titles like 'The Guy With A Thing On His Head' and 'Pear Head Man And Bread Boy' are so similar to Burton's own silliness that they verge on copyright infringement.

'Pear Head Man And Bread Boy':

"Nature did not have a plan
when it created
the Pear Head Man.
He had one friend
who was made of bread,
but the birdies ate him.
Now he's dead."

Oh, I don't know. Maybe the transparency's a virtue.
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