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Stumptown vol 1 h/c

Stumptown vol 1 h/c Stumptown vol 1 h/c Stumptown vol 1 h/c

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Greg Rucka & Matthew Southworth


Page 45 Review by Stephen

From the writer of QUEEN & COUNTRY and half of GOTHAM CENTRAL, and if you liked Lark's art you will love Southworth's. I've been looking forward to this for months now, and it does not disappoint!

It's something more for CRIMINAL readers to get their teeth stuck into; even the art bears a resemblance to Sean Phillips', only with a little more light and a few ruled lines. It's not noir but it is fine contemporary crime set around Portland starring a P.I. called Dex who's smart on a case but dumb in a casino. The truth is she just can't quit, a trait that's going to land her in so much trouble tonight when she agrees to look for Charlotte, the granddaughter of the all-seeing owner of the casino, who is prepared to write off Dex's 18K in return for her services. Charlotte's taken her clothes and toiletries but not her car. And she is still alive but Dex's investigations are hampered by two additional but very different parties also after Charlotte.

As with GOTHAM CENTRAL, Rucka's created a cast with more than a little heart - everyone asks after Dex's younger brother Ansel, no matter which side they're on. The dialogue is a free-flowing naturalistic joy, clues are dotted all over the place if you care to scan the panels properly and, oh look, we even have interior art to show off!
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