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Tales To Diminish

Tales To Diminish Tales To Diminish Tales To Diminish

Tales To Diminish back

Paul B. Rainey


Page 45 Review by Jonathan

"The van has been parked outside of my property for two days now and I have absolutely no idea whose it is!"
"That's very interesting, professor, but we really called you to take part in our religion versus science discussion."
"Well, of course, there's absolutely no evidence that God exists so, if you believe in him, you are an idiot! In the meantime, this damned van is all I can see from the front windows of my house and, I daresay, it is causing an obstruction on the public footpath also!"

Another collection of comedic capers from the man behind THERE'S NO TIME LIKE THE PRESENT and POPE FRANCIS GOES TO THE DENTIST. In a similar vein to the satirical look at the papal woes on finding a decent N.H.S. dentist to attend to ones pearly gates, I mean whites, plus taking a well deserved dig at various political clowns such as Boris Johnson and Michael Gove, here Paul's once again taking potshots at a plethora of demented demagogues, various celebrity numpties and other odious public figures.

Michael Gove once again gets a very satisfying bashing, this time in his 'Comic Collectors Corner' feature, Chancellor Osbourne makes several appearances trying to be down with da' kids as 'Master Of The Mystic Arts', then there's Eric Pickle "fighting for your consumer rights" as he harangues various small shopkeepers demanding bargains for himself, plus Ed Miliband's In Spaaace as he tackles the testing delights of Klingon fast food!

I think my favourite, though, is Richard Hawking's ongoing travails of badly parked white vans in Man Versus Van. Every time he finds his rather limited patience stretched to breaking point, up pops an imaginary hippie and a hoodie on his shoulders to provide some salient words of wisdom of the merits of compassion versus confrontation. In short, Paul perfectly captures what a complete self-aggrandising dickhead he is.

Plus there's several other very amusing shorts such as Janet Street Preacher, Dumpster Beard, Time Travel Teacher, Oooops Professor, I Just Think Charity Should Begin At Home plus Peter The Slow Eater which in particular had me just howling with laughter at Peter's children's ever-escalating despair whilst they wait for their father to finally finish his fodder so they can leave the table! Paul is truly a master of the visual punchline as well as the satirical stiletto in the ribs.

But I'll leave you with the titular, self-explanatory excerpt from the opening panel of They Forgot About Kelvin MacKenzie which neatly sums up the chortle-worthy disdain in which Paul so rightly holds one of the pillocks, sorry pillars, of the Great British tabloid establishment (i.e. Murdoch's lap dogs) and made me cry with tears of mirth. And that's before the actual strip where Kelvin's epic meltdown ranting about Piers Morgan's success in America has even begun!

"They say that after a nuclear attack only the cockroaches will thrive. But they forgot about one other thing..."

Heh heh heh.