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Tank Girl Remastered vol 1

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Alan C Martin & Jamie Hewlett


Page 45 Review by Stephen

"What's bald and smelly, snogs kangaroos, wears clothes that don't fit and a bra that's too tight (and knickers that need a good wash), smokes, drinks and fights too much for her own good, and at this very moment in time has a mega hangover?"

Well that'd be Tank Girl in a nutshell then. Hard to believe over twenty years have gone by since Tank Girl first crashed into the pages of DEADLINE. In some ways it would be too easy to say Hewlett & Martin must have been able to see the future with their depiction of the veritable uber-ladette currently marauding our streets for real en masse these days, if not quite indulging in marsupial bestiality... and yet, and yet, it's difficult not to still be charmed by our eponymous heroine's not so feminine charms. In fact it's actually riotously amusing due to the complete lack of political correctness and total absurdity of Marti'ns dialogue which is so ridiculously over the top you're already abseiling down the other side before you realise it. Just remember not to take it too seriously, something fans had a tendency to do over the years, annoying Martin to the extent that when he rebooted the character last year he deliberately went for a different feel and radically different art style (thanks to Ashley Wood) purely just to piss off the fan boys and fan grrls.

Well deserving of another generation of sniggering adulation.
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