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The Autumnlands vol 1: Tooth & Claw s/c

The Autumnlands vol 1: Tooth & Claw s/c The Autumnlands vol 1: Tooth & Claw s/c The Autumnlands vol 1: Tooth & Claw s/c The Autumnlands vol 1: Tooth & Claw s/c The Autumnlands vol 1: Tooth & Claw s/c

The Autumnlands vol 1: Tooth & Claw s/c back

Kurt Busiek & Ben Dewey


Page 45 Review by Jonathan

"Whuh. Where...? Back in barracks, or...?"
"Nope, nope. Sheep in a hat. Still here. Hey."

Which I will grant you sounds a rather more salacious way to wake up than it actually is...

In fact, Dusty the redoubtable terrier and the Great Champion a.k.a. human Sergeant Leroy are in the mountains, tracking down the source of strange magical emanations as you do. The human part is significant because the good Sergeant is in fact the only one on the planet, which is full of various highly evolved animal races either dwelling in mystically powered, luxurious, floating cities, godlike in the skies above or eking out a far less privileged, Medieval-esque, serf-level existence on the ground below.

Each tribe of animal hubristically believed the mythical Great Champion was of their own species, and so it was somewhat of a shock when the traumatic thaumaturgical events of AUTUMNLANDS VOL 1 resulted in Leroy's explosive arrival from their far-flung past. The greatest mages of the age had gathered to attempt to rend the fabric of time itself and bring back the being apparently responsible for the very existence of magic, to enlist his aid in combating their current travail: that the mystical essence permeating their world was now gradually, undeniably beginning to ebb and fade away.

It all went spectacularly tits up, of course, bringing down one of the gigantic floating cities, primarily due to the bird-brained incompetence of the egomaniacal, slimy owl Sandorst of Samia. Who post-disaster has somehow managed to inveigle his way into being in charge of the survivors. Some people just lust after power, without any thought of what they are actually going to do when they've got it. Animals too in our world, judging from some of the nature documentaries I've seen!

Good job those land-dwelling, oppressed species here aren't out to take their high-flying chums down a further peg or two, bringing them back to earth figuratively following on from the very literal fall, or indeed perhaps put them under the ground entirely. Ah...

Or so we thought...

Leroy being the only human that is...

And that is where I shall leave my plot summary of volumes one and two. Suffice to say this is Kurt Busiek on absolute top form with what is hilarious, thought provoking, wildly engaging speculative fiction of the most entertaining kind. Benjamin Dewey's art is truly spectacular too, some of the best anthropomorphic art I've ever seen, including exquisite double-page chapter breaks, complemented beautifully by the redoubtable Jordie Bellaire on colours, who is right up there with Elizabeth Breitweiser and Dave Stewart in my mind in wielding the palette.

I shall conclude with a perhaps spurious and mildly frivolous "TRIGGER WARNING!!" as the tender youth of today might utter whilst dabbing their beading brows. I can't completely explain the presence of a jauntily swinging penis in both volumes, as Leroy sans loincloth makes a recurring appearance. It seems rather unnecessary and perhaps a touch self-defeating on the capturing an audience front, certainly where we end up having to rack it on the Page 45 shelves, but hey ho. It doesn't remotely spoil what is a veritable triumph of a title. Depending on your sensibilities it may even enhance it!