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Discover... The Aztec Empire h/c

Discover... The Aztec Empire h/c Discover... The Aztec Empire h/c Discover... The Aztec Empire h/c Discover... The Aztec Empire h/c Discover... The Aztec Empire h/c Discover... The Aztec Empire h/c

Discover... The Aztec Empire h/c back

Imogen Greenberg & Isabel Greenberg


Page 45 Review by Jonathan

"On their way, they discovered that the Aztec Empire was made up of many cities, and that there were many rivalries between those cities. The Spaniards began to take advantage of this."
"We want their money. You want their money. Let's take their money together. It's win-win!"
"That sounds suspiciously simple..."
"There's nothing to it. You do all the fighting, and we'll split all the profits."

Which is sadly where it all started to go wrong for the mighty Aztecs, when Hernán Cortés and the good old conquistadors arrived in search of the mythical El Dorado and had to settle for destroying an empire instead. Prior to that, for nigh on two hundred years, the Aztecs managed to conquer most of Central America themselves, establishing grand cities and of course indulging in the odd human sacrifice or two... thousand.

Read all about it from the pen and pencils of Greenberg and Greenberg who also brought you DISCOVER... THE ANCIENT EGYPTIANS and DISCOVER... THE ROMAN EMPIRE. (Isabel Greenberg even brought you THE ENCYCLOPEDIA OF EARLY EARTH and THE ONE HUNDRED NIGHTS OF HERO, both of which we made Page 45 Comicbook Of The Month.)

If you need some fun historical learning, then these creators have the low-down on everything you need to know to enjoy an empire: right-uppity royal rulers, grand cities constructed by slave labour, a complicated calendar, a suitably plausible creation story complete with scary gods that need to be obeyed, thereby neatly providing a justification for sacrifice and a rewarding heavenly afterlife, bloody wars that simply had to be fought and the warriors that waged them, plus the basic structures of society and routines of daily life themselves.

Jovially illustrated complete with fold-out map and timeline (because why not?!) this titter-worthy treatise is the perfect primer for those young and old alike wanting to learn more about the mighty Mesoamerican marauders who had it all before some psychopathic Spanish pendejo arrived and promptly took it all away from them. You win some, you lose some...