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The Black Project

The Black Project

The Black Project back

Gareth Brookes


Page 45 Review by Jonathan

Richard, a decidedly odd teenager (even by typical teenage standards) concludes that given his chances of actually managing to get a proper girlfriend are pretty slim, so he is going to make his own.

No, this isn’t the prelude to some Weird Science-esque fantasy whereby a buxom Kelly LeBrock mysteriously appears out of thin air, but a farcical piece of contemporary fiction which is all the more disturbing for its complete believability. If he survives his adolescent years, there’s a very good chance Richard might go on to be a world class prop designer but, in the meantime, he’s more concerned about the survival of his succession of lovingly assembled girl friends. Some people have luck with the ladies, but Richard definitely isn’t one of them...

Note: some will find Gareth’s woodcut / iconography art style rather challenging (he actually uses linocuts and does actually embroider some sections!), but after being initially unsure, before commencing, I found I loved it. It’s actually very clever, packed with lots of detail, and incredibly well executed.