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The Boys vol 9: Big Ride

The Boys vol 9: Big Ride back

Garth Ennis & Russ Braun, John McCrea, Keith Burns


Page 45 Review by Stephen

"You see, what I did... my crime... was to give Butcher a war. A self-sustaining, never-ending conflict in which he can mete out the brutality and cruelty that lie at his core: forever. He can't kill them all and he doesn't want to. All he wants is to go on hurting the people that he believes hurt him."

There's a very funny opening splash to #58: a wall full of famous Marvel and DC covers with the protagonists pictured naked. Saucy! There's also more of the sexual depravity you've come to expect from this series, and more than the odd bloodbath.

But some of this is sobering stuff as the tension mounts in an increasingly fragile stand-off between the Seven - the world's most lethal team of superhumans - and The Boys who are determined to be their nemeses. There's also division in the ranks as wee Hughie's eyes begin to open and two of the Seven go off the deep end with catastrophic - truly catastrophic - results. If that wasn't bad enough there's a third force conspiring now to pit one against the other, and they've begun to make their move.

Also: what happened when Vought American Consolidated first foisted ill-disciplined superheroes without any military training nor comprehension of the chain of command on a tank regiment licking their wounds on The Line during the last winter of WWII? Garth Ennis knows his wars. And how will Annie react when she learns the truth about Hughie after he treated her so poorly himself? You've been worrying about that yourselves, haven't you?

It's a chunky one, this: twelve whole issues, #48-59.