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The Defenders vol 2 s/c

The Defenders vol 2 s/c back

Matt Fraction & Terry Dodson, Jamie McKelvie


Page 45 Review by Stephen

“When did I get back here? How long have I been speaking? Did any of that make sense…?”

Not really. Welcome to the mind-frazzling finale of events set in motion during DEFENDERS VOL 1 in which Dr. Strange, Namor, the Silver Surfer, Iron First and Red She-Hulk (Betty Banner with a great big blade) encountered John Aman, the Prince of Orphans, protecting the Concordance Engines whose singular defence mechanism keeps themselves hidden by taking the words right out of the your mouth. Explaining their nature or very existence is literally impossible. That hasn’t, unfortunately, stopped the Defenders from grabbing one and, oh dear, the Earth is doomed because the Death Celestials have arrived and the Defenders have woken up in an ant hill.

Along the way they’ve been shot into parallel worlds, picked up the Black Cat hired by the Council of Antiquarians to ‘liberate’ the third Bronze Frog, while the Silver Surfer has everything explained to him by the Omega Council – which is pretty much where we came in.

Top marks to McKelvie for the second panel in chapter 9 featuring the Red She-Hulk bending forward under cover as a Bunny Girl in a Hydra tiara, and proffering an alternate-world Nick Fury a glass of German whisky with the compliments of Adolf Hitler.