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The Eternals h/c

The Eternals h/c back

Neil Gaiman & John Romita Jr


Page 45 Review by Stephen

"Listen, it's just an alien space robot. It's not God."
"Keep thinking that. It'll make you feel better."

Neil's second work for Marvel moves from historical fantasy (MARVEL 1602) to science mythology, and the "m" word there pretty much guarantees quality when it comes to Neil Gaiman. The fact that it involves beings several millennia old and infinitely more advanced than us (Eternals and Deviants), and then enormous metallic entities eons older than Eternals and infinitely more advanced than them (Celestials)... shouldn't put you off. Although it does render Marvel's superheroes somewhat redundant.

At least scientific genius Hank Pym makes himself useful as a human parasol for five seconds.

With the help of some epic art from John Romita Jr., Neil takes on the history of humanity as visited by these beings, and their present circumstances as they come into contact with each other once more.

As the book opens only one of the Eternals appears to know who he is. The rest of them are living their lives amongst humanity as part of humanity, and to trainee doctor Mark Curry the very idea that he is anyone or anything other than an embattled student with a late loan and a girlfriend who suddenly isn't... is just another drain on his rapidly dwindling time, energy and patience. Others, however, have had plenty of time, been enormously patient, and have plans to expend a great deal of energy.