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The Follies Of Richard Wandsworth

The Follies Of Richard Wandsworth The Follies Of Richard Wandsworth The Follies Of Richard Wandsworth The Follies Of Richard Wandsworth

The Follies Of Richard Wandsworth back

Nick Mandaag


Page 45 Review by Jonathan

"So, we meet at last."
"We do indeed."
"Quite a thing, isn't it? To work at the same university as your philosophical rival, your anti-thesis."
"I'll say."
"You know, this is my first time seeing you. I should have guessed you'd be bald."
"Is that some sort of... yeah, well, I didn't expect you to... you look like... you're..."
"Wow, you're a quick one, aren't you, Wadsworth? Looks like it's a wit to match the intellect."
"Oh, ho ho! You don't... I hope you realise that your... your intellect is..."
"You have a bit of difficulty with the English language, don't you? Do you have a helper for that delusional realist tripe you write? Maybe an undergrad looking for extra credit?"
"Do you have... a monkey for your anti-realist..."
"Take your time, Wadsworth. If you manage to come up with some intelligible comebacks by the end of the day, feel free to email them to me. You'll have some thinking to do anyways. My latest rebuttal in our little war of words will soon be published. I think you'll have some difficulty worming your way out of my reasoning this time."
"Scoff! I'm sure it will be easy! To worm out... the holes in your reasoning are that big... one can easily..."
"Well, it was really nice chatting with you, Wadsworth, but I prefer the company of those who speak in complete sentences. Adieu!"
"Just because I'm... just because I don't... you are just the nastiest... next time I see you I'll... Just wait till I..."

Ouch... BURN!!!

Here's the publisher's hypothesis as to why Nick Maandag is an up-and-coming comics genius worthy of wider recognition...

"THE FOLLIES OF RICHARD WADSWORTH showcases Nick Maandag's signature blend of deadpan satire and exceedingly unexpected plot twists with a trio of stories.

'The Follies of Richard Wadsworth' follows the title character, a professor of philosophy, as he begins work as a contract instructor at yet another university. When Wadsworth finds himself smoking reefer at his student's party and discovers she works at a rub 'n' tug, an off-kilter plan is hatched.

In 'Night School', a Modern Managerial Business Administration and Operational Leadership class goes awry when a fire alarm brings the Chief to school and he decides to stick around to teach the students a thing or two about leadership, and discipline.

And in 'The Disciple', a yarn about a co-ed Buddhist monastery, Brother Bananas, the resident chimpanzee, isn't the only one having difficulty keeping his lust tucked safely under his robe.

In Maandag's hands - hands that love to toy with morally ambiguous characters and flirt with absurdity - troubled men make poor decisions, unlikable characters gain our sympathies through their very haplessness, and riotous laughs ensue.

Maandag has achieved cult acclaim through his self-published and micro-published comics, and THE FOLLIES OF RICHARD WADSWORTH is his debut book. His mechanical, affectless characters and economical artwork efficiently deliver cringes, heightening the awkward silence and stillness of his hilarious comics."

Case proved, I feel! I've been a big fan of Mandaag's since he started, greatly enjoying his STREAKERS, THE LIBERTARIAN and FACILITY INTEGRITY. His bawdy, absurdist situational humour and yes, absolutely cringe-worthy characters are the perfect mix for ensuring disbelieving laughs. You will find yourself wincing and shaking your head at the behaviour of many, well most, of his cast. Fans of Paul THERE'S NO TIME LIKE THE PRESENT / POPE FRANCIS GOES TO THE DENTIST Rainey would get on very well with Nick's work, both content-wise and artistically, I feel.