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The Fox

The Fox

The Fox back

Joe Latham


Page 45 Review by Jonathan

A fox, a wolf and a woodsman walk into a comic... You know what, I'm really not going to even try and go with the naff joke metaphor because something as wonderful as these three silent mini-masterpieces deserve so much better. Let me tone it down and start again...

A triple treasure trove of gorgeous artwork and interwoven narrative starring, funnily enough, a fox, a wolf and a woodsman, whose lives overlap in these simultaneously told tales including one extremely significant and particularly dramatic event.

I think if we were to construct a Venn diagram explaining the intersection it would be where cute, deadly and demented collide. Each work takes the viewpoint of its titular character, and is most definitely a complete story in its own right, and could most certainly be enjoy by enjoyed as such. It's just that each of the three provides a unique insight into the other two, particularly with an understanding at precisely how we arrived at the crushing conclusion...

So, aside from being extremely cleverly constructed, what else have these comics got going for them? Did I mention they were gorgeous? Absolutely, breath-takingly swooningly so! Joe's art style and choice of colour palette minds me of Jeff SWEET TOOTH Lemire's, except Joe's penmanship and brushwork is a touch deliberately tidier and smoother stylistically. Simply beautiful. There were so many times I unconsciously stopped reading and just naturally paused to admire his handiwork, which is a real rarity for me.

If Joe continues with this level of skill and craft I suspect he will go on to big things, not that these aren't a trio of tasty treats in their own right. Also, were that not enough to satisfy even the most ardent comics appetite, he's thrown in a cow pie, a proper dagnabbit cow pie with horns and everything, that just had me chuckling away merrily! I haven't seen one of those since back in my diddy Desperate Dan Dandy days! Try saying that with a mouthful of cow pie!