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The Lovecraft Anthology vol 2

The Lovecraft Anthology vol 2 back

Jamie Delano, Chris Lackey, David Camus, Dwight L. MacPherson, Chad Filfer, Pat Mills, Benjamin Dickson, Simon Spurrier, Dan Lockwood & Steve Pugh, Adrian Salmon, Nicolas Fructus, Paul Peart-Smith, Bryan Baugh, Attila Futaki, Mick McMahon, Matt Timson, Warwick Johnson Cadwell


Page 45 Review by Jonathan

"That is not dead which can eternal lie."

Which obviously means my darling tornado of a daughter who turns one on Sunday isn't planning on giving me a much needed lie-in until I'm six feet under...

Or it could be the bold Lovecraft legend on the shiny rare bookplates that will be included free for the first few lucky purchasers of this second volume of eldritch horror at Page 45. Get yours whilst sanity - I mean stocks - last!

After the monster (ho ho) success of LOVECRAFT ANTHOLOGY VOLUME ONE publishers SelfMadeHero have rightly wasted no time in getting out a second compilation of creepy, sanity-testing tales penned by the great man himself, and adapted by a whole host of luminescent luminaries such as Jamie Delano, Pat Mills and Si Spurrier. As before a completely different art style is employed on each story by an extremely talented and stylistically eclectic set of artists. Actually, the first thing that strikes you before you've even opened the book are the four tiny bits of spot-vanish which form two pairs of glowing eyes looking out of two cadaverous beings shambling along a rather scary looking street. They really do seem to follow you around the room, which serves to get you in just the right frame of spooky haunted house mind before you begin reading. The stories themselves will all be familiar to Lovecraft devotees, but whether you've read the original prose or not, you will find every single one of these adaptations disturbing, one or two them extremely so due to the art. Perfect for anyone looking for some pure spine-tingling period horror.