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The Sword vol 1: Fire

The Sword vol 1: Fire back

Joshua Luna & Jonathan Luna



The thing about Jonathan Luna's art is that it's just so sweet, so quiet and quaint in its ordinary people in regular settings all coloured in shades that say "soft furnishings"... that you don't imagine for five seconds, until you've actually read one the of their books, that either Luna is capable of the extreme violence they suddenly subject their characters to.

This goes double for Dara Brighton, an art student with a loving family all sitting down to dinner. Even after she's discovered the sword her father lied about not possessing (and lied long enough to see the rest of Dara's family eviscerated in front of them)... even after seen her father's brain fried, fallen through the burning floorboards then found that sword which cures her paraplegia... even after all that, the last thing you expect to see this lovely young woman doing is ramming said sword through a policeman's mouth and out the other side!

To be fair, he isn't really a policeman; to be fair, she was about to be murdered; and to be fair the sword pretty much decided where it wanted to go of its own accord - it's not one of those plastic things you get with a Peter Pan costume.

But still. She seemed so nice.

Now she's on the run from the real police for having killed this lot and her parents; she's trying to track down the paranormal perpetrators of said dirty deed (they're not on the US Mainland, so getting through customs would be dodgy enough even if she could afford the airfare which she can't); and she's trying to stop her best friend from getting killed along with one of her father's students who's there because... well her father used to make up stories about stuff that happened to other people millennia ago, only in all likelihood it was autobiography, and that's the only clue any of them have to what the hell this is all about.

Next volume: even nastier. I am hooked!
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