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The Sword vol 2: Water

The Sword vol 2: Water back

Joshua Luna & Jonathan Luna


Page 45 Review by Stephen

As cold and sharp as ice.

I've spoken before of the Luna Brothers' capability when it comes to genuinely shocking moments given how 'sweet' the art can look, but that was before the penultimate issue here in which they raised their game even further with the severing of limbs.

It's an odd one this. Explosions of psychokinetic violence as three human-looking but decidedly more ancient entities (including an incestuous brother and sister) manipulate the elements in murderous ways, interspersed by long swathes of practicality processing as Dara and her friends, on the run from a law that believes she killed her own family, try to make it safely and affordably to the American coast and thence to an island they believe one of those beings is living on. Her family were killed for the sake of a sword in the possession of Dara's father who wasn't who she thought he was, and quite prepared to sacrifice his family for the sake of it. Now Dara has the sword, it's cured her crippled limbs, and she wants revenge. Which is odd once more, because she's really very sweet and ordinary.

From the creators of ULTRA and nekkid-lady zombie-fest GIRLS.

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