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The Sword vol 3: Earth

The Sword vol 3: Earth back

Joshua Luna & Jonathan Luna


Page 45 Review by Stephen

Dara's already exacted revenge on one of the three ancient siblings who slaughtered her family in order to find the sword. But the older brother Knossos is, with apologies to Paul Chadwick, built like a mountain. Can the sword cut him down to size?

The battle in Mexico had several unexpected scenes as Knossos throws a chunk of rock the size of a football stadium at her. It misses, bounces cross country - across a country - and promptly flattens an actual stadium squashing everyone in it. So shocking it's funny. The only problem is that Jonathan's sense of scale is inconsistent. The protagonists' relative sizes are constantly shifting from panel to panel and it becomes increasingly unconvincing. Still bloody brutal though, and the compensating rewards are many: like Dara needing somewhere to stick her sword while she uses both hands to push her way out of the ground. She can't drop it or she'll be crippled again (one of its properties is to heal its bearer) but she does need both hands and has no scabbard. Solution? She sticks the sword through her very own thigh. Nice one, Joshua! Unfortunately the slicing and dicing is being fed live to America on TV and once more Dara isn't faring well from the publicity - it looks like she's a ruthless, raging killer - and someone's about to take advantage of that.

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