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The Troublemakers h/c

The Troublemakers h/c back

Gilbert Hernandez


Page 45 Review by Stephen

"Seven stray bullets. Where will they end up?"

Poor Wes: he lost his lucky charm two years ago. On the other hand he had stolen it from a museum when he was eleven! Dear Vincene: she's running from her employers. They have Uzis, but she has Wes' lucky charm. Unlucky Nala, the voluptuous magician's assistant: Vincene's just stolen her car and locked her in its boot. Strange how she's not there when it's opened...

These are The Troublemakers: hustlers, thieves, con artists the lot. But who's playing whom?

Gilbert delivers a tight little number of dollars and disappearing acts with a smart surprise every half a dozen pages. It's incredibly taut. Any member of the supporting cast could be at it too, and possibly in cahoots. I can see what The Onion means about the David Lynch comparison, particularly with those seven stray bullets. In fact there's that trademark Gilbert magic throughout. He doesn't attempt to explain everything, just keeps you guessing as the various dysfunctional relationships play themselves out, all in search of that elusive two hundred thousand dollars.

It's a hardcover pocket book, by the way, told in four landscape panels per page, something I'm too stupid to have noticed until I finished the piece with an enormous smile of satisfaction. Truly Hernandez makes the whole thing look effortless.

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