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Thor: Kieron Gillen Ultimate Collection

Thor: Kieron Gillen Ultimate Collection back

Kieron Gillen & Billy Tan, Rich Elson, Doug Braithwaite, Jamie McKelvie, Niko Henrichon


Page 45 Review by Stephen

Collects what was previously in the THOR: LATEVERIAN PROMETHEUS, THOR: SIEGE and THOR: SIEGE AFTERMATH trades. Below are the mini-reviews for each of those three books. Here we go...

In which Kieron Gillen (PHONOGRAM) picks up the mallet Straczynski dropped on Asgard's head and does it total justice. Returning from exile to Asgard at last (postcode strangely Latverian), Thor is outraged to discover what Dr. Doom's been doing to his fellow immortals, but Doom is curiously pleased to see him for Thor is just what the Doctor ordered - as is his thunderous rage.

Thor: "Enough, Doom. Enough. ENOUGH!"
Doom (and you can just see the smile on his face underneath the mask): "Quite enough."

Billy Tan is on blistering form whilst Gillen's script is indiscernible from Straczynski's. You won't notice the difference.

Then it's SIEGE seen from the Asgardians' point of view (rubble and dust, largely), and in particular Volstagg's and Thor's. Or is that actually Thor? Plus, Kelda visits the mortal parents of her murdered beloved and Loki makes further plans with Hela and Mephisto. Reprints NEW MUTANTS #11 in which de-powered Dani Moonstar learns the price of her pact with Hela made during the Dark Avengers' attack on San Francisco, and SIEGE: LOKI in which McKelvie's Loki is the very embodiment of disarming, guileless guile. Lastly, when the battle is done, who will now rule what is left of the fallen kingdom?

Finally the conclusion to Gillen's run in which Mephisto, Loki and Hela haggle their way into contracts before wriggling out of them via loopholes. They'd be brilliant at tax evasion. Expect a lot of red, demons and deceit.

Collects # 604-614, SIEGE: LOKI and NEW MUTANTS #11
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