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Transmetropolitan vol 10: One More Time (New Edition)

Transmetropolitan vol 10: One More Time (New Edition) back

Warren Ellis & Darick Robertson


Page 45 Review by Stephen

"Get me to a keyboard. I feel the power moving in me once more."

And so we come to the final broadcast of this deliciously nasty little socio-political sci-fi satire. The sci-fi bit means it's set in the future to comment on the present, extrapolate from it, and serve up a plethora of designer drugs, technological developments and foul-mouthed tirades. The socio-political aspect means it stars an activist in the future written by one of the finest in the present. It's about the power of journalism, the necessity for rebellion, and the humour to be gleaned from a bowel disruptor.

It's been packed with side-gags ("Ebola Cola -- refreshment that devours"), mutants, misfits and molotovs - both literal and ideological - and it's now all back in print in these brand-spanking-new editions. This, for example, collects both the old volume 10 along with the journalism specials I HATE IT HERE and FILTH OF THE CITY originally collected in the long-expired volume 0. Back to our regular programming, then:

Spider Jerusalem is dying. There is a debilitating disease eating away at his brain and motor functions, leaving him with a bleeding nose, vicious headaches, shaking hands and a narrow window in which to bring down the ruthlessly insincere President of the United States. Fortunately Spider has a few aces up his hard drive, and some Filthy Assistants to help disseminate them. It's time to bite back.

"What do we do?"
"We go see him."
"We're going to go to him. In fact, I feel a... When you talk to people and they lie to you and you write about it."
"Yeah. I feel an interview coming on."
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