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Transmetropolitan vol 9: The Cure

Transmetropolitan vol 9: The Cure back

Warren Ellis & Darick Robertson


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"Where to, buddy?"
"Now there's a question. First, I want to walk into a bar and drink it. And then I'm going to start a fight with five men and win. And then I am going to make use of a truly staggering number of prostitutes. Some of whom I may have once been married to. Following which, I will buy drugs. I will, in fact, show them a large pillowcase, and tell them to fill it with drugs. And I'm putting it all on the goddamn expense account."

That's not who you think it is. It's another member of the cast getting their unexpected moment in the sun, and triumphing.

The penultimate volume of TRANSMET (as the Norwegians and the lazy reviewers know it) is finally here and Spider Jerusalem, outlaw journo, has been diagnosed with untreatable I-Pollen damage, a future version of Alzheimer's, and has been given a year to live. Mortality is knocking on his door, but Spider is determined to take down the corrupt President, currently straddling the American people and pissing in their faces, before he checks out. But with time ticking away, Spider starts using extreme measures to get the information he needs to expose the President. Will he become as bad as his enemy before the end comes? Or will he forget his name and start flinging poo at his friends before he completes his crusade?

Ellis' script is brimming with off-beat and off-colour humour and Robertson's clear story-telling and background jokes make the future a fun place to be, even if there aren't any flying cars.