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Spider-Man: Ultimate vol 15: Silver Sable

Spider-Man: Ultimate vol 15: Silver Sable back

Brian Michael Bendis & Mark Bagley, Mark Brooks


Page 45 Review by Stephen

"This is high school, huh? I've been here four seconds and I hate everyone."
"Well, then you've now learned everything you'll ever learn in high school."

While the plotting has been coasting for a while, it's not really that I'm here for. It's a bit like the rebooted version of Doctor Who: it's more about the emotion and the dialogue than the bad guys.

Fortunately there's plenty of emotion here as Peter gets a new girlfriend who's on a level footing with him so they can actually share what they do (rather than Peter having to report back to Mary Jane or, on a worse-case scenario, stop her going the way of Gwen Stacy), and Bendis obviously has a good memory for sixteen-year-olds tentatively asking each other out on a date. Then there's Mary Jane whose vulnerability got her booted in the first place, poor love. Lots of lovely touches, like Kitty Pryde phasing an arm through her bedroom door to smack her ex that's been listening in.

(A quick reminder for newcomers: any Marvel title that begins with the word "Ultimate" means it's part of the relatively new line that started again at the beginning with a completely new flavour, and remixed the old elements into something different and refreshing.)
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