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Jeffrey Brown



There's some exceptional new material on offer here to complement the reprints, and just as you might wonder at how a songwriter never previously released bonus tracks issued with a re-release, so it is with some of the unpublished work here. Why didn't it see the light of day until now? 'Fine Print', for example, is one of the most eloquent arguments I've read as to why it is absolutely vital that Obama succeeds in overhauling what can only laughingly be referred to as American healthcare. No one living with the benefit of the British National Health Service will, after reading of Jeffrey, Jennifer and young Oscar's experience here, comprehend how those wriggling insurance companies have been tolerated thus far, let alone how any young Americans can afford even the most basic trip to hospital. My jaw was on the floor as the hidden costs kept escalating. There's also a substantial body of work previously only available in books or magazines I've never seen like Galago, The Florida Review, Filter Magazine, Tilt 2 and Hobart as well as BLOOD ORANGE and early KRAMERS ERGOT. 'Pregnant Pause', for example, is an account of Jennifer's pregnancy with Oscar distilled to one-page-per day entries where Jeffrey is as sensitive to his girlfriend's plight as you might have come to expect!

"So who did you cry in front of today?"

'Don't Look Them In The Eye' from KRAMERS ERGOT 4 is something city dwellers all over the world will recognise as Jeffrey encounters all kinds of con-men (as well as more innocent crazies) begging for money and generally getting in your face and space, whilst 'Paintin' The Town Jeffrey Brown' from Filter Magazine follows Jeff on a trip to Canada to see Ween play in 1999 and getting stopped at the border by typically dim and deaf officials:

"What concert are you on your way to see?"
"A band called Ween."
"W - e - e - d?"
"W - e - e - n."

They're asked to pull over.

"So what kind of music does this band Weed play?"

It's not all autobiography, either. Some great comedy too (loved 'Bird'). As to the material you may have either already be familiar with or missed out on previously, this reprints MINIATURE SULK, FEEBLE ATTEMPTS, EVERY GIRL IS THE END OF THE WORLD FOR ME and BE A MAN.

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