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Unfollow vol 2: God Is Watching

Unfollow vol 2: God Is Watching Unfollow vol 2: God Is Watching

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Rob Williams & Michael Dowling, Marguerite Sauvage, Ryan Kelly


Page 45 Review by Jonathan

"Someone tell Batman I just stole his boat."
"This boat is not Batman's, Dave. Batman is not real."
"You don't say."

Now despite the fact that Dave occasionally has problems with what's real and what's not - like the talking leopard only he can see - he's probably picked the worst possible person to crack such a joke to, given Deacon, the insane mercenary, sees 'the Dragon' everywhere and in everyone. Mind you, that leopard is just about to appear on the wing of said plane to inform Dave he's going to have to kill a whole bunch of foreign people to survive his current situation, that someone he likes very much is going to betray him, and that Deacon the insane mercenary's imaginary dragon, which is always apparently coming to destroy everything, is... well, already here... Ah.

At this point I should also probably add the 140 apparently random (and apparently lucky) recipients of dead social media entrepreneur Larry Ferrel's 17 billion dollars are already down to 134... So the original120 million dollars each from UNFOLLOW VOL 1 has gone up somewhat, and will climb considerably more so by the end of this volume as the bodies of 'the 140' - as the news cycle has oh so imaginatively christened them - begin to drop / bleed out / combust rather more rapidly. But who is responsible for the increasing concentration of wealth?

Well, we know Ferrel's mad aide-de-camp Rubenstein, with his golden Aztec mask that whispers sweet nothings to him, is on the hunt, having managed to inveigle his way onto the magic list at the last minute, but are there other more clandestine players in the game? Oh yes. Plus a few other not-so-subtle ones trying to muscle in on the action by offering their protection at the point of a gun. All for a reasonable price, of course! Which is the situation Dave currently finds himself in, being 'helped' by the Russian mafia.

Social butterfly and spoilt sociopath Courtenay, meanwhile, has followed blade-legged, heavily tattooed author Akira to his private island, where he has been gathering as many of the 140 as possible in his high-walled peace commune for their mutual security. Because collecting all those targets in one place is a great idea obviously... Also, how does Akira's dystopian doomsday novella, seemingly the inspiration for Ferrel's crazy idea to dispose of his cash, factor into matters?

Mike Dowling, Marguerite Dowling and Ryan Kelly share the art duties on this second volume. I'm not usually a massive fan of chopping and changing the artist on a title like this, but actually given the large cast of characters we rotate around, it doesn't particularly bother me, despite their differing styles. They are all great artists anyway.

Rob Williams keeps the mystery factor high, and even manages to throw in one very huge whopping surprise, whilst weaving this tale of social media-inspired madness. Practically every main character seems at least one hinge short of a cupboard and I am happy to report I genuinely have no idea where this is going or what the endgame could possibly be yet. Given the rate at which the 140 are expiring / being pruned, though, I may not have to wait that long to find out!