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Upside Down: A Vampire Tale

Upside Down: A Vampire Tale back

Jess Smart Smiley


Page 45 Review by Dominique

What is a Vampire without their teeth? You can’t very well gum the blood out of someone can you?! No, I imagine not, so you would think that Vampires would take extra good care of their teeth, yes? However, it is a little known fact that Vampires *love* sweets! Uh-oh…

So when Harold the young Vampire visits the Dentist and learns that he has so many cavities his teeth will have to come out, he doesn’t know what to do. He figures his parent will be really mad and anyway, he can’t be a vampire with no teeth can he? So he decides to leave his old life and live as a bat instead. Of course his parents aren’t mad, they just miss him and want him to come home! But with the (accidentally) last witch in the world bent on destroying all Vampires, starting with Harold’s parents (who happen to dwell inside the piano of the scientist whose formula the witch needs to complete her plan) things are going to get complicated.

Super-cute green and black artwork in a lovely, silly book, suitable for all ages.